A Legacy Video: The greatest gift of all?

A legacy video is perhaps the most valuable and meaningful gift for grandma or grandpa; especially if they are getting up their in age. 

They have enough socks and coffee mugs. Something that truly will make them feel loved and important is your interest in who they are and were as a person in their life full of experiences and wisdom. 


Show them that their life mattered.

Many of our elderly feel forgotten and like outcasts especially if they are residing in retirement communities or in long-term care. 

Investing in gifts that show that you truly care about their dignity and worth can mean the world to them. 

We can’t always spend as much time with them as we wish but we can honor and appreciate them by hearing and sharing their stories. 

To see how some of our legacy videos have helped families preserve memories and experiences, check out our showcase stories!


“Sharing the stories of the elderly and their accomplishments with others is a powerful way to honor their legacy and show that their life mattered. This can involve writing about their life, creating a documentary or video, or simply sharing their story with friends and family.”

The gift of eternal life.

Capturing and preserving the story and legacy of an elder loved one in your life has immeasurable value. A piece of them and their story can be immortalized and will be valuable when you need a reminder of their triumphs, values and lessons in your own life.

A legacy video can be the most important thing you ever invest in for your family. It encapsulates, the memories and stories of your loved ones in a cinematic way. It is the ultimate way to honour the life of someone special.

To learn more about what legacy video is. Visit our About Us page. 



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