How Will You Choose to Be Remembered?

Documentary films about your life and legacy. As featured on CBC.

Your Story, Your Legacy, Your Essence all Captured in a Cinematic Biography.

Your Story, Your Legacy, Your Essence all Captured in a Cinematic Biography.
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Please click play on our video to learn more about what a Legacy Video is and what it can do for your legacy!

Every person has a story to tell.

A legacy video is a powerful and personal way to preserve and share your life story, your values, and your memories for future generations. By creating a legacy video, you can capture your own voice and perspective, sharing your life story in a way that is authentic and meaningful.

A legacy video is also a valuable resource for your family, providing a window into the past and a way to connect with your family’s history and traditions. It’s a chance to learn from your experiences, insights, and wisdom, and to pass on those lessons to future generations.

It’s a chance to leave a personal message to your family and loved ones that they can cherish forever.

Please check our brand story video to find out more about what a Legacy Video can do for your family.


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1. Pre-Production

During consultation, we will gather information and identify a narrative arc for our personalized on-screen interview process.

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2. Video Shooting

Our documentary expert filmmakers will visit your home or designated location to film you and/or your family.

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3. Final Cut

Our professional editors then organize the footage, layer in photos and visuals, add production music and cinematic graphics, and deliver the final film for your family to cherish forever.

Our Stories

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Our Clients say

“I want to be remembered for giving people the sense of themselves, giving people of what’s possible, allowing people to dream and allowing them to know that. I want to be remembered for what I gave, and hopefully, that’ll be my legacy. I think this was an amazing way to say and do this. Thank you”

Cathy M.

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“Thank you so much Legacy Videos for bringing this story to our memories and family. We respect that. You produced a beautiful video of my brother who has now passed on that we will cherish forever. His legacy and story was captured beautifully with enough laughter as well as emotion. We feel that a part of him will now live forever through this documentary.”

Ouday V.

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“Family stories get lost along the way and we can’t always capture everything and we often don’t realize what impact is made on our lives until it’s too late. Legacy Videos provided a great way for people to express their story in a comfortable manner. This was a hard time to lose our uncle but through storytelling in this film, it brought our family closer during this difficult time. We learned so much about my uncle that we didn’t even know and we are so grateful of that opportunity. We learned that he was really a sentimental man and kept all of our family photos which many ended up on this video. We are so grateful for this amazing work and we can’t thank you enough. I highly recommend Legacy Videos to anybody as a gift to themselves or to an aging loved one.”

Jennifer L.

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“Legacy Videos produced a video for my uncle who was dying of pancreatic cancer in Montreal. We were so happy that we were able to share stories of his life not only with our family but with the world because our uncle Peter was really famous in the world of muay thai and martial arts as one of the first pioneers to bring the art to Montreal and Canada. Our uncle was very expressive with his words and actions and Legacy Videos captured his energy in a deserving way of his legacy. We are really grateful for everything that you have done for our family, we can’t even capture the words for the work that you have done for us. Thank you.”

Simon A.

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“Working with Legacy Videos was very comfortable. They were supportive throughout and asked good questions with interesting follow-ups. They were well-prepared, both with the technical studio aspects and the interview process, and they made sure that I was prepared as well with a general sense of the topics to be covered and the process of filming the interview. The final product was wonderful to watch and to share. Photos and clips were artistically blended with the interview in ways that enhanced the story-telling and provided a legacy document to be proud of.”

Roy van Hooydonk

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“My experience with Legacy Videos was great. I had no idea what I was getting into…was nervous…..felt I was sending out the wrong message for a legacy….but the way it comes together is fascinating. I’m thoroughly impressed with the final edit and couldn’t have imagined it coming out so great. It was candid, comfortable and relaxed. You even got me in my pajamas and it still looks awesome! I am currently dealing with health complications so my legacy was something on my mind as I had started writing letters to my son for when he was older if something were to happen to me. I did not know such a service existed. I highly recommend Legacy Videos!”

Mitch P.

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